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Quesenberry, s/k/a v Commonwealth No error: flare gun falls within definition of "firearm" 2498024 Fairfax County School Board v Judith.
Commonwealth of Virginia 10/30/2007 Upon heroes season 1 episode 21 Rehearing En Banc Trial court did not err in refusing to suppress evidence obtained by arresting officer where officer had a legal basis to detain appellant as he suspected appellant was trespassing; conviction of driving under the influence, third.
2838001 Bruce Lamarr Sykes v Commonwealth of Virginia 12/27/2001 No TC error in denying motion to suppress evid.Commonwealth 08/15/2006 Rehearing En Banc granted 1467054 Robert Daniel Thomas.And strike test./evidence suff.The Estate gta games for pc vice city of Earle Lindsey Parrish, III 05/25/2010 Commission erred in finding decedent was an employee rather than an independent contractor and in finding appellant had three employees and was liable to pay workers compensation insurance; assessment of civil penalty reversed 1925092 Uninsured Employer's Fund.Commonwealth of Virginia 11/23/2010 Trial court did not err in finding evidence sufficient to support appellants convictions of two counts of felony child endangerment, in admitting appellants statement regarding future conduct, or in finding appellant ingested Ambien knowing it would impair her ability to drive.Commonwealth of Virginia No error in trial court's refusal to suspend additional portions of appellant's sentences 2902032 Amelia Sand Company,.Courtney Malveaux, Commissioner, Virginia Department of Labor and Industry 10/16/2012 No error in trial courts order dismissing appellants petition for appeal from the Departments decision closing his wage claim against his employer as Article 3 of the Virginia Administrative Process Act does not apply.Commonwealth of Virginia 12/26/2018 Trial court did not err in considering a prior conviction under Code.2-248(D) as a prior conviction for the enhanced punishment provisions of Code.2-248(C) 0678182 Christopher David McGinnis.Hoy, n/k/a Ruth Pearce v Franklin Hoy,.Charles Howard Johnson 07/13/2010 Trial court did not abuse its discretion in permitting husband to satisfy an installment payment of a monetary award to wife by transferring his marital share of his retirement accounts pursuant to Code 20-107.3(D) and in declining to award attorneys fees.No error in commissions finding and decision to transfer.Order/failed to order 1772963 John Jefferson Martin v Joyce.Humphreys No error in commissions award of benefits to appellee on a change-in-condition application where appellee received the equivalent of an award of compensation on her original claim, as modified by a stipulated order, and the change-in-condition application was filed within two years of the.Siperko Trial court did not err in finding that while appellant was a person with a legitimate interest in child, she did not prove by clear and convincing evidence that child would suffer actual harm if visitation were not awarded 2343062 Gregory.
Holly Jo South.

Monroe Henson,., Windsor Farms, Inc., Continental Insur.,.04/20/2010 No error in commissions finding that appellees hearing application was timely filed; commission erred in finding wages paid appellant constituted compensation for purposes of determining whether all compensation due under award had been paid and in not awarding penalties and interest 1871081 Glen Patrick.Aff'd in part, rev'd in part, remanded.Wkly wge on 971 Robbin.05/31/2011 Trial court did not err in finding the case summary was insufficient to satisfy the requirements of 12 VAC (B) and appellant had no evidentiary basis to support its decision 0439101 Edward Johnson.Commonwealth of Virginia 12/20/2011 Evidence was sufficient to support appellants convictions of attempted robbery, statutory burglary, and two counts of use of a firearm in commission of a felony where evidence proved appellant was person who entered CVS armed with a weapon and used.Jason Barry Traylor, Dustin Griffith and Tiffany Vadella-Griffith 12/27/2017 Final adoption order of appellants child affirmed where failure to provide additional notice to appellant would not have changed the circuit courts decision 0574162 Robert Lee Jones.Commonwealth Upon rehearing en banc, trial court did not err in denying appellants motion for a new trial on the grounds that the Commonwealth failed to disclose exculpatory evidence; appellants convictions are affirmed 2091052 Matthew Tremaine Moore.Commonwealth of Virginia Evidence presented is sufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that appellant possessed the cocaine with the requisite intent to distribute.Right to counsel 1485972 Daniel Eric Boyd v Commonwealth No TC err:didn't vio.Commonwealth 10/24/2006 Rehearing En Banc granted 2426054 Patricia.Campbell WCC award aff'd; case remanded to assess additional costs/appeal.
And Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Ins.
Commonwealth of Virginia 03/29/2011 Upon Rehearing En Banc - Trial court erred in denying appellants motion to suppress statements made to the officers where officer impermissibly reinitiated communication with appellant after appellant unequivocally requested assistance of counsel 2289093 Shaun Wallace Scott.