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09 ayp 2063 pdf

Press to select the month and press to set.
Do recorder Initial Setup on page.Receptacle, contact Type, female Socket, number Of Positions 9, number Of Positions Loaded.In the same manner, select and set the date, year, time, and. The power will shut off.Features: z mpeg1/2/2.5 Audio Layer 1,2,3 decoder, bit rate 8-448Kbps, needles 8-48KHz, CBR/VBR z Support WMA Decoder, bit rate 32-384Kbps, 8-48KHz z 24 bits DSP Core with on-chip Debug Support Unit (DSU) z On-chip DSP PM with sram(16K*24),can be zoneminder switched to be MCU memory space.Press and hold both play/repeat and FF on the unit for more than 5 sec onds.Power action select/SET :CH UP :CH down police :VOL UP :VOL down Note to cable recorder System Installer This reminder is provided to call the cable (Cable TV) System Installers attention to Article 820-40 of the NEC that provides guidelines for proper grounding and, in par tic u lar, specifi es.SET clock, dST : user ON 1 / / : select : SET : END : ACN soccer 1 2, press, action on the remote to display, sET clock Menu screen.SET completed 2 / 6 / : 2003 THU user 12 00PM, sET : start : ACN 3, press action twice to start clock and exit.Quantity: 418, related parts for -P2.It includes an audio decoder with a high performance DSP with embedded RAM and ROM, USB interface service for downloading music and uploading voice recordings.All, pitch.079" (2.00mm number Of Rows 1, mounting Type, through Hole.Termination, solder, contact Finish, gold, contact Finish Thickness 15in (0.38m color. The built-in Sigma-Delta DAC includes a headphone driver to directly drive low impedance headphones.
ATJ2063 provides a true ALL-IN-ONE solution that is ideally suited for highly live optimized client manual digital audio players.
Base ) z Build in Stereo 18-bit Sigma-Delta D/A z Build in Key Scan Circuit and gpio z Support external 8080 Series LCM driver interface z MCU run at 48MHz(typ F/W can program from DC up to 60MHz transparently z dsppm/DM Speed up to 72mips.

3 09 ayp 2063 pdf 1 2 Turn the unit Power.
Please ignore NO cassette warning.
Audio IN, reset all unit Memory Functions, when moving unit to a new location, or if a mistake was made in the Initial Setup section.