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Behringer v amp 2 manual

Classic 50 W: This is also a Plexi, but we have extensively widened manual its sound range.
You can connect the behringer manual line OUT outputs with balanced or unbalanced jack plugs.Our ultimate aim in developing it was to create the authentic sound of classic amplifiers by means of physical modeling and to combine this with the latest DSP effects.The tone control ispost-gain, which behringer allows you to tailor distorted sounds to great effect.Although the original was renowned mainly for its distorted sounds, this amp also sounds very good with low gain settings.With this modern virtual guitar amp we have set a new standard.The two arrow keys (bank UP und bank down) enable you to switch banks.Specifications V-ampire V-AMP PRO V-AMP 2 audio inputs manual instrument input 1/4" TS connector, unbalanced Input impedance.In the 60s this amp was used by jazz, country and even rock guitarists.Editing presets.3 Storing presets.4 Discarding an edited preset/restoring a single factory preset.5 Restoring all behringer factory presets.Silent Force/Sinner guitarist Alex Beyrodt has been an enthusiastic Engl user for years.3.5 Restoring all factory-programmed behringer presets All factory-programmed presets can be restored in the following way: Hold down buttons D and E and then switch.Apart from the AUX level control this is the only conventional control on behringer the V-AMP.Limited Warranty.3.2 Editing presets Editing presets.Warning: To reduce behringer the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. The LED rings.