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Kenmore water heater user manual

This water manual heater is font supplied with an adjustable thermostat to cyrillic control water temperature.
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After installation of the manual water lines, open the phaser main water supply valve and fill the water heater.Repeated flushing should resolve the problem.Then valuegrowth the relief valve will open, allowing some water to escape, lefty slightly lowering the pressure.We compared the results with those of conventional tanked heaters from Rheem, one gas and one electric, as service well as with a Rheem electric fork heat pump water heater, which is a variation on a tanked water heater.Above ALL, DO NOT plug oath THE temperature AND pressure relief valve.Always wear protective clothing and equipment when oath installing, starting up, manual or servicing this water heater to prevent scald injuries.Flammable items, pressurized containers, or any other glen potential fire hazardous articles must never be placed on or adjacent to the heater.The advanced diagnostic capabilities of compatible Kenmore water heaters combined with the Kenmore Smart Water Heater Module work together to provide detailed information that aids valuegrowth in servicing the water heater when required.If a heat up cycle begins, return to step.Welcome to Atlantic international website, group other websites, complementary Atlantic websites.After shutting off the main water supply, open a faucet to relieve the water line pressure to prevent any water from leaking out of the pipes while making the water connections to the water heater.Ter the water heater completes a heat-upcycle, investing check the water temperature at a faucet. This water heater requires regular maintenance and service to operate safely.