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Primatte keyer pro manual

Sample the pinion darker areas in the converter foreground area until they are completely white.
However, you're rarely going to get a green manual screen evil as pretty as this one.
Black background pixels (100 transparent) sampled in the image window become translucent.Primatte is a world class blue screen and green screen keyer.You can crack mix and match activations between Mac and Windows, and the plug-in can reside vista on a network.We'll click bestable that, and we get a great key.Click-drag in areas that have been fully keyed out by the sampling process.Edge Replacement Edge Color Replace provides a few options on how icona to treat the edges of general the matte pinion Complement uses the complement of the backing screen color to replace the spill using the color of the corresponding pixels in the background element.Shrink Matte chokes the foreground areas of the matte vista by lowering the brightness levels of the pixels that make up the matte edge.Getting Started, drag the, primatte Keyer 6 effect onto the clip that needs to be keyed.Point : The default setting.Gamma affects the contrast pinion of the matte on the grayscale.Spill Sponge removes the background color spill from the foreground.Works best on diffuse transparent objects like sealpdf glass.Sample Style, service selects an area of the composite with the mouse pointer. Primatte hooks itself into the foreground input to the green screen and then we just hook up the BG input to our background.
Auto Define Key uses that information to automatically eliminate the background color and clean up any noise in the foreground object and the back screen area.

With Matte Black Point adjusted to 50, notice areas with strands of hair that weren't completely primatte keyer pro manual keyed out start ebbing into transparency.
Raising the Black Point makes the semi-transparent pixels more transparent by crushing up the darkest end of the scale.
Use Core Matte in the Show menu within View Options to review the Core Matte by itself.