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Rcbs pro 2000 manual

You can also get a manually indexing version (works kind of like the Dillon RL-550b you number turn manual a star wheel to index ecopy manually).
The Pro-2000 does not have a case feeder, but for many progressive reloading scenarios you dont sanyo need a case feeder.Heres a video showing serial the Pro-2000 loading 308 Winchester: This is serial a great press for loading rifle warhammer ammo.You APS-loving cast iron ecopy ecopy frame equipped people know who you are.Anyone use the tube priming system?Today its time to call out to all rcbs you rcbs Pro-2000 owners!Cast iron construction is super-beefy, flex-free handle, convenient bin hangers portable and siege side tray.The press I have (shown here) warhammer is of the auto-indexing variety.What dont you like?Rcbs xtrax Pro-2000 setup to load.223 Remington - Image copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader.I havent tried.OK guys, get your portable Green-On and tell us about your Pro-2000!Do you buy APS strips pre-loaded, or do you roll your own? What do you like about it now that you have it?
What do you load with it?
Heres some things I like about this press: APS priming system works well global especially when you use pre-loaded strips.